15/02/2017 / News

August 2016: Powerstar goes electric

Powerstar, the market leading energy storage and voltage optimisation brand has purchased a fleet of four new electrically powered road vehicles with the company on track to have all its road vehicles electrically powered by 2018.

The investment comes as part of a wider strategy to actively reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions as a company, whilst continuing to develop its range of energy saving technologies.

Powerstar’s electric vehicles will be fully integrated with the company’s latest Virtue energy storage range of EV chargers, which provide both an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), alongside issuing a fast charge to connected cars.

To showcase its capabilities, the company is installing Virtue EV charging stations at its facility in Sheffield. The stations will not only be able to charge all the cars in Powerstar’s fleet, but will also be available to guests and act as a demonstration tool for potential clients. The Virtue EV testing solutions add to the company’s already established voltage optimisation and energy storage demonstration systems.

In the coming months Powerstar will be hosting a product open day to officially launch its EV solutions. The event will give people a chance to see the units during operation, in order to acquire a greater understanding of how the technology functions.

Commenting on the introduction of the electric vehicles Dr. Alex Mardapittas, managing director for Powerstar said, “We are always looking for ways to reduce the company’s carbon emissions and with the development of our own Virtue EV energy storage fast charging system, it was a logical step to invest in a fleet of electric road vehicles.

“Virtue EV energy storage charging units are an enabling technology that will assist the UK towards moving to a greater uptake of electric vehicles. We look forward to supporting the growth of the country’s electric vehicle infrastructure, as it becomes more intelligently integrated.”

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